Do you realize how devastated Puerto Rico is right now? The island, with roughly 3.4 million people, is dangerously close to running out of food. There’s no electricity on the entire island. 91% of the island’s cell phone sites aren’t working. No internet. No lights. No refrigeration. Oh yeah, and reports say that there’s a dam that’s cracked and could give way at any time, which has prompted the evacuation of thousands of people. But where are these people supposed to go and how are they supposed to get there when the gas supply is also critically low?

There are people sleeping on the floors of whatever surface they can find that’s not littered with debris left by the wrath of hurricane Maria. Clean drinking water is becoming harder and harder to find. I’ve got a friend who’s parents live in Puerto Rico. It’s been six days and she still has no idea if they’re alive or not and she’s gone through every channel she can think of to try to get in touch with them. Sadly, my friend’s story isn’t unique- there are thousands and thousands of families still unable to reach loved ones in Puerto Rico.

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My heart breaks for the people of Puerto Rico and I’m so sad by the lack of coverage that mainstream media is giving to their plight. Headlines jump from the home pages of many news outlet websites- headlines such as this from CNN'Apocalyptic' devastation in Puerto Rico, and little help in sight," and this one from NPR, "Desperation In Puerto Rican Town Where 60 Percent Are Now Homeless" and yet very few people are genuinely aware of what's really going on and how desperately help is needed.

What’s more is that I’ve actually seen some people on social media argue that the United States needs to focus on it’s own problems before lending aid to the people of Puerto Rico. Not only is this ignorant, but it's disgusting.

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First of of all, the people of Puerto Rico are people. They are humans. They are suffering. That alone should be reason enough to want to help them. HOWEVER, I wonder if it would make a difference to those who think we should let Puerto Ricans fend for their own if they were to learn that Puerto Rico IS a United States Territory which means they ARE United States citizens. They ARE our people.

If you are financially able and want to do something to help those in Puerto Rico, I urge you to visit this website for a list of organizations which are fund-raising for Puerto Rico and then share it with everyone you know.

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May God Bless America, and may God bless the people of Puerto Rico.

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