After a year of staying in place and nearly everything put on hold, it looks like it's really happening. I'm talking about concerts especially outdoor concerts.

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If you plan on attending an outdoor event like a concert or graduation party, you are going to use a public bathroom aka Porta-Potty. So are some things to keep in mind.

Porta-Potty/Public Bathroom Advice

Beware of the door handle at the bathroom entrance: You don't wash your hands on the way into the bathroom and no one else does either.

Use a paper towel to turn off the sink: People touch the sink before they wash and it's one of the germiest places in the bathroom. That's why I like to use the motion sensor sinks, although I look like I'm doing jazz hands.

Don't put your bags on the floor: Wetness is a welcome mat for bacteria and if you're a man, sometimes the 'splashige' can travel to faraway floor places. You may be taking more than your souvenirs and necessities back to your seat.

Look for shoe soles before you sit down: When you walk out of the porta-potty, icky stuff from the floor may travel with you. If your sitting on a blanket, look to see if someone has walked on it, otherwise your clean hands won't be clean anymore.

Sanitize your hands before you eat: It's easy to 'hand' deliver germs to your mouth through your food and this goes for snacks too.

It's awesome that concerts and outdoor activities are back for 2021 but the coronavirus is still among us so for everyone's sake, to (kinda) quote Hill Street Blues, "Let's be sanitary out there."

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