Broome County officials are advising residents to make sure they are prepared for any sort of emergency or disaster as September is National Preparedness Month.

The advice was offered on the 5th anniversary of the catastrophic flood that started with heavy rains falling September 8, 2011 and continuing for days, wiping out dozens of homes and businesses, washing out roads and leaving the Twin Tiers incapacitated.  Many people are still displaced or recovering.

Officials are urging people to take action now to make a plan for the family, including pets and how they will work with the community in general.

The American Red Cross has apps and other information available on making evacuation plans and putting together a disaster kit.

Right now, the most common disaster is fire.  While not wide-spread like the flood, fires can destroy people’s homes and possessions or even result in injury and death.

Information on how families can be prepared is available at