Anyone who says the Greater Binghamton area is not growing hasn't been out and around the community lately. Just look at all the new construction that has going on over the past 5 years or so.

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Sure, we've seen a few local businesses close lately, but there are many new things happening throughout the Triple Cities. Binghamton University continues to build outside the main campus with new buildings in Johnson City, and the new changes and additions to the former Oakdale Mall, now Oakdale Commons.

There's the old Endicott-Johnson Victory Building being transformed into housing, and new businesses being built or starting up in existing buildings in Binghamton, Endicott, Johnson City, and Vestal.

And then there's the recent news that the popular fast food chain, Chick-fil-A may be coming to the Triple Cities area with a possibility of up to 3 being built in the area including one in Johnson City, Vestal, and Binghamton Of course until construction begins, it's just that, a possibility.

Chick-fil-A Dickson City, PA
Google Maps Street View - Dickson City, PA

Regardless of what actually happens, I posed the question "For those of you who are excited about the possibility of three being built in the area- Johnson City, Binghamton, and Vestal, what exact locations do you think would work best for each?"

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The answers were all over the place, but probably the biggest concern was that these locations need to have a great traffic plan to minimize congestion around the restaurant area.

Here are some of the responses I received, with some of these locations getting several votes:

Darci W. - The Oakdale Commons and the old Subway on Vestal Parkway East.

Oakdale Commons
Google Maps
  • Martin M.  - How about something in Endicott? It needs it badly. EVERYTHING is in Vestal to the point where it is way too much going over there anymore.
  • Jim C. - I remember when they first opened in Rochester! The lines were 30 cars long!

Yvonne D. - I hear there is a spot available in Endwell across from the BK. (former McDonalds) It would be a convenient spot for the battle of the great chicken sandwich! 

Fomer Endwell McDonalds Location
Google Maps Street View
  • Ivan N. - Parkway mall and please be Downtown area or Clinton Street or Front Street.
  • Debbie G - Olums Plaza.

Michael M. - In Johnson City how about the McDonald's lot next to the YMCA?

Old McDonalds Lot In Westover
Google Maps Street View
  • Ginger W. - Old Perkins in Apalachin!
  • Bradley P. - The lot by the Harley shop.

Nancy M. - Maybe the old Pizza Hut (and Friendly's) lot in Vestal on the Parkway.

Old Pizza Hut & Friendly's Vestal Parkway
Google Maps Street View
  • Nate H. - They should put it in that plaza where Olums and Staples are at. Tons of room there and I never see all that parking space used up before.
  • Steve M. - They need to do something with the old diner on front st that closed up.

Tim S. - Binghamton Plaza.

Binghamton Plaza
Google Maps Street View
  • Larry D. - Right where the old Endicott Inn used to be on Washington Avenue.
  • Sara E. - 

    Ben B. - Northgate plaza on Front Street. They don’t need 200+ parking spaces in there.

    Northgate Plaza, Binghamton
    Google Maps Street View
  • Scott H. - The old Friendlys spot across from Aldi's on Upper Front would be perfect!!!

  • Michael H. - Chic-Fil-A mobile food truck drive around to different locations.
    Donna C. - Upper Court Street near Colesville Road where the old Motel was torn down. Lots of room.
    Old Travel Inn Lot Upper Court Street Binghamton
    • Shavonne C. - In the plaza on Glenwood where Sally’s beauty used to be.

    • Dave B. - Front street near the Mall in JC, and near the college in Vestal.
    Tyler V. - The old Pizzeria Uno's building in the Town Square Mall.
    Old Pizzeria Uno's Vestal Parkway, Vestal
    • Robert M. - In front of Lowe’s on Upper Front, the Key Bank area at the Mall JC. and Town Square Mall Area.''

    Greta C. - Put it anywhere, y’all gonna love it.

    Wendy P. - Front Street where the old Hess gas station and Chinese restaurant were. Tear them both down and build there.

    Upper Front Street former Hess & Tokyo Sushi Buffet
    Google Maps Street View

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