A New York couple is receiving worldwide attention after they found a hidden treasure inside their 100-year-old home.

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When Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker moved into a home in Ames, New York in 2019 they were told the home was built over 100 years ago by a notorious bootlegger, the Indian Express reports. The couple moved to the home last year after Drummond took a position in Cooperstown, according to Lite 98.7. The couple thought that was just a rumor until they started renovating the 1915 home.

"OUR WALLS ARE BUILT OF BOOZE! I can’t believe the rumors are true! He was actually a bootlegger! I mean I thought it was a cute story, but the builder of our house was ACTUALLY a bootlegger!” the couple wrote on Instagram.

An odd-looking package fell out when Drummond removed a wooden panel outside.

"I'm like what is that? I'm very confused," he told CNN. "I'm looking and there's hay everywhere, there's paper, and glass. I see another package and it's this whiskey bottle. I'm like this is a whiskey stash. And this is like, all of a sudden, the whole story of the bootlegger."

Soon the couple learned hidden in the walls and floors of the home were 66 bottles of whiskey from the Prohibition-era.

"Out of the initial 66 bottles found, about 13 bottles are full. But 4 of those have tops in rough-ish condition, so I’d say probably 9 “good” bottles. There’s also a few half-full bottles. The rest have mostly evaporated," they wrote on social media. "To everyone asking if we have tried it, we haven’t! But we will!"

The whisky dates back to 1923. After searching all over the home 15 full bottles were found. Nick was told one bottle could earn the couple around $500 to $1,000, the Mirror from the UK reports.

Many of the Old Smuggler Gaelic whiskey bottles were hidden in brown paper and straw, according to Yahoo.

Adolph Humphner, who was called the “Mystery Man of the Mohawk Valley,” owned the home, not far from Albany, in The Roaring '20s., the New York Post reports.

Below are photos of the hidden treasure.

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