Peter Criss played the first of three final solo performances, sprinkling Kiss songs he originally sang with additional tracks from throughout his career.

Criss opened today (May 12) in Melbourne with "Can't Stop the Rain," from his platinum-selling 1978 solo debut, and also performed Kiss favorites like the No. 7 smash "Beth" from 1976's Destroyer and "Hooligan" from 1977's Love Gun. "Words," from Criss' 1980 solo album Out of Control, was included in the setlist at the Sofitel, as well.

He also performed songs originally sung by his former bandmates, including "Strutter" (Paul Stanley) from 1974's Kiss and "Rock and Roll All Nite" (Gene Simmons) from 1975's Dressed to Kill. A complete look at Peter Criss' setlist is below.

He'll play a pair of U.S. shows in June, closing out a career that saw the drummer earn Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction honors with Kiss back in 2015. Criss, who called it quits back in March, continues to lament the fact that Kiss has moved on with a new guitarist and drummer.

"It's just time," Criss told Heavy. "I've done it all. I've been to the mountain. ... You know, I'm in the hall of fame – thank God. I have a beautiful house, and a wonderful life, because of the fans. I think, since the band is not really the band anymore – Kiss is not really Kiss, because Kiss isn't Kiss unless we're all Kiss together. I miss that. I liked it when we were a band, and when we were together. Since it's not like that anymore, I've had my share of doing things, and I think it's time I got out and enjoyed my life."

As for why he chose Melbourne for one of his last solo dates? "For some reason, here is now the mecca of rock and roll," Criss added. "There's not a rock and roller I know who doesn't want to play here. It's such a great place. The audiences are so real, and they give you so much back. I picked it, because I just wanted to be here."

Peter Criss May 12, 2017 Setlist
"Can't Stop the Rain"
"Hooked on Rock n Roll"
"Strange Ways"
"Don't Let Me Down"
"Nothing to Lose"
"Rock and Roll All Night"
"Sing Sing Sing"

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