In a greatly anticipated one-off collaboration, former Kiss drummer Peter Criss joined metal icon Rob Zombie onstage last night (May 10) in New Jersey.

Zombie and his band were on hand to perform at the 93.3 WMMR Barbeque in Camden when, near the end of their set, they were joined by the Catman to perform the Kiss classic, ‘God of Thunder.’

Zombie was effusive of his praise for Criss in his introduction, while also tipping his cap to the infighting within Kiss that deprived fans from seeing the original lineup perform together at their recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. “Ladies and gentlemen, if you are anything like me, you were very disappointed a little while ago, because I tuned into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and I did not get to see my favorite drummer get behind the motherf---ing drums,” Zombie said. “So tonight, it is our great honor to bring to you the one and only Catman, Mr. Peter Criss.”

Zombie then went on to add, “Now would be the time to take out your stupid f----- phones; you might want to film this." Fortunately, at least one fan in attendance heeded the singer’s advice and captured moment on film, which you can view above.

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