Dale Carnegie once said about dogs, that they live to give you positive attention and all they want to do is love you and be with you. What he was saying is pets give unconditional love.

The ASPCA says 37-47% of Americans own dogs and 30-37% of Americans have a cat.

Researchers at Idaho State asked people about their degree of loneliness, then they had them play with a pet and asked them the question again. The degree of loneliness degrease significantly, proving that pet owners are less lonely than non pet owners.

I like pets and while growing up my mother was allergic to pets, so we never had one. Once I left my mother's home however, I got a cat. Though I enjoy dogs, throughout my adult life I've had mostly cats. I feel you need to dedicate more time to a dog than a cat, and my life style never allowed for that.

We own two cats now and it’s nice to have them with us. They keep me company when my wife is away and they do the same for her when I’m gone.

Another study, this time from the University of Wisconsin, showed that kids were less likely to suffer from allergies when they had a pet growing up.

I know pets are not for everyone, they’re a big commitment, but if you’re looking for a loyal companion that will keep you company, why not get a pet?