By now you've probably heard about the guy getting dragged off an overbooked United Airlines flight recently.You may have even seen the video, which now is hard to find because it's getting pulled by a lot of websites. You know and I know, there will be a lawsuit stemming from that.

Meanwhile, at Delta, one family has cashed in by voluntarily giving up their seats three times. According to the Consumerist, the Bloom family were going to fly from New York to Florida on Friday for Vacation. Delta had to cancel thousands of flights last week do to weather. So there were a lot of people at the airport that had to get to their destination and the Bloom family, being on vacation, took advantage of the situation. They gave up their seats on Friday and were nonscheduled to fly out Saturday. Then on Saturday, they again offered up their seats and were booked on a flight for Sunday. Sunday came, and again the family gave up their seats so the airline could get other people home. According to the Consumerist, The family has also been reimbursed the cost of their original tickets.

So the family spent the weekend in New York City and made $11,000 over the weekend. Not bad, getting paid to be on vacation.

I only had that happen to me once. Our flight was canceled and we had to stay an extra night in Philadelphia, (My favorite city). They put us up in a hotel, we were booked on a flight the next morning and we received a voucher for 300 dollars off a future flight.

Next time I'm holding out for 11 grand.


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