People have set up “Go Fund Me” pages for everything. I’ve seen them to help pay for medical expenses, to help victims of fires, even to help people buy clothes for their children. I’ve seen people with great ideas use Go Fund Me to get their businesses off the ground but this guy is just being lazy.

William Oliver of Atlanta set up a Go Fund Me campaign in hopes of raising 15 grand to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring. 15 K really? I’m sure you can find a nice one for much cheaper than that. According to Mashable,  he justifies soliciting donations because he says his friends are always telling him to “Put a ring on it”. So he believes that since his friends are pushing him in that direction, they should help pay for the ring. My question is, who is she sleeping with? Something tells me he’s not sharing that with his friends, so why should they pay for the ring?

So far he has collected $600 dollars and if you ask me, that’s $599.99 too much.

How about this for an Idea William, get off your couch and get a job and pay for it yourself.


(via: Mashable)

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