"I don't know what's so interesting about watching a married couple fuck," Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee observed in 1998. "I'm not the president. We were on vacation doing something the rest of the world does — filming each other goofing around, naked. It's no big deal."

The world disagreed. He was speaking, of course, about the sex tape seen 'round the world: private footage filmed during his honeymoon with Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, then stolen from their Malibu home by an electrician in 1995. That infamous theft, along with the ensuing fallout — the media coverage, the personal challenges, the various lawsuits — is at the heart of Pam & Tommy, a dramatized, eight-part Hulu series that debuts Feb. 2.

The sex tape story has been well-documented over the years, including an exhaustive Rolling Stone report in 2014. Those who've already done their homework should know most of the key players in Pam & Tommy: Lee and Anderson, naturally, but also those who orbited around them throughout this chaotic tale.

While the streaming network hasn't detailed the entire plot, many of the involved characters appear to be directly inspired (at least in name and general arc) by those from real life. The casting is equally intriguing, with a blend of established veterans (Seth Rogen, Nick Offerman, Lily James, Sebastian Stan) and emerging actors (Spenser Granese, Fred Hechinger).

In the gallery below, we've highlighted what we know — and, in some cases, what we don't know — about Pam & Tommy's cast and the people they play.

'Pam & Tommy': Cast and Characters

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