Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne has unleashed a strong social media attack on his brother-in-law "in name only" David Ardin, accusing his wife Sharon's brother of selling false stories about him and his family.

It would seem the source of Ozzy's anger is a pair of interviews with the Daily Mirror, in which Arden -- who reportedly hasn't spoken to Sharon in seven years -- says his sister is now unrecognizable as a result of plastic surgery. “By having gone under the knife, she’s taken terrible gambles in order to look better. It’s very sad, she could have done herself a lot of damage.”

Arden also expresses a desire to reconcile with his sister, and says he wants to help Ozzy and Sharon's son Jack deal with his recent MS diagnosis. However, Sharon told the Mirror, "I haven’t seen David for 10 years. He has no idea about our lives," and based on tonight's Facebook post, Ozzy wants no part of a  reunion:

David Levy*, brother-in-law in name only, leave my family alone. Stop selling false stories on my family. Get a job and be a man. Thank God you can choose your friends but you are stuck with your family even though David Levy has never been and never will be family. When we took him off payroll all he's done is tried to make money selling false stories. Stop saying you love me, you don't know what the word is. I wish you no harm but you don't know my family. Leave us alone.


PS - you call me a saint for living with your sister, the word is called love and adore not saint, but whoops I forgot you don't know what love is do you?

*Levy is reportedly Arden's legal last name.

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