You get to stay in a castle. You get to drink coffee all day. You are given $5,000. Would you take that deal?

That's the rundown on a new contest by Gevalia Kaffe, the coffee company known for its glitzy gold bags.

You get everything I mentioned above: You stay at Carlowrie Castle in Edinburgh Scotland, drinking Gevalia coffee all day. You're also treated to $5,000, spa treatments, award-winning catering, and more. You also will be bestowed the title of "Coffee Queen".

Carlowrie Castle

Seriously, who doesn't want to be treated like royalty?

They are running a contest that you can enter by clicking down below (it only takes, like 30 seconds to fill out:

I may enter. Despite the "Coffee Queen" title, any gender can enter. I don't think I would mind getting to bring my wife along and drinking all the coffee my heart desires. I will likely get tired of the coffee after a while, but for $5,000 I could push through.

I may never sleep again, but I think it would be worth it...


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