According to the United State Humane Society, in 2018 and 2020, they released undercover investigations, exposing wildlife killing contests throughout New York State. The contests included killing foxes and coyotes who were then weighed and counted for prizes.

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Participants would then dispose of the dead animals into a dumpster. The USHS notes that more that 20 of these contests have taken place in the first two months of 2023. A bill - S.4099, sponsored by New York State Senator Tim Kennedy, passed by a vote of 46-15 on June 7th, 2023, and A.2917, sponsored by Assembly member Deborah Glick, passed by a vote of 86-54 on June 21st.

The bill will now go to New York State Governor Kathy Hochul to sign or reject. If the Governor signs the bill, New York State will become the 9th state to outlaw these wildlife killing contests.

Other states that have banned these types of events include California, Vermont, New Mexico, Arizona, Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington State, and Maryland. 2021. The United States Humane Society and allies are also working to ban wildlife killing contests in 2023 in the states of New Jersey, Nevada and Oregon.

The fact that these contests and competitions are still legal in New York, and fall under the disgusting guise of 'entertainment' is not only absurd, it's inhumane. This bill takes a real, meaningful step to outlaw these cruel events, and provides new protections for our wild animals. I was proud to draft this in collaboration with the Humane Society of the United States, and fight for its passage in both houses alongside Assembly member Glick and so many outstanding advocates for New York's wildlife. - New York State Senator Tim Kennedy

According to the United States Humane Society, several of these killing contests have taken place across New York State, including a few communities in the Southern Tier.

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