The NYPENN Pathways Girl Scouts are extending their annual cookie sales fund-raiser.

The sale was supposed to end March 27, but due to supply-chain issues, the deadline is being moved to April 3.  The extra time will allow the scouts to reschedule booths that were cancelled due to lack of supply.

Release Girl Scouts NYPENN
Release Girl Scouts NYPENN

Several local girl scout troops reported some varieties of cookies were in short supply.  Customers are encouraged to branch out and try some different varieties if their favorites aren’t available.

The program that allows the diet-conscious to still support the local Girl Scouts and their programs without the temptation of eating too many cookies is still going.  The “Sweet Support of Council Gift of Caring” sharing program will gift cookies to Meals on Wheels programs as well as local schools and educators who have worked to provide continuity during the constantly changing COVID pandemic.

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An ordering link is available at or look for a local booth to purchase or donate cookies.

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