Broome County is getting ready to close the week with a somber tally of a half-dozen more lives lost over the several days to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the Thursday, Octobber 28 report, the Health Department noted two more deaths.  There had been one death in the Monday, October 25 report and three reported on October 26.  Delaware County reports two deaths over the week while Cortland County October 28 reported one new fatality.

Getty Images jarun011
Getty Images jarun011

Meanwhile, earlier this week New York Governor Kathy Hochul said efforts are underway to fight COVID-19 misinformation that is still clogging social media and keeping people from getting the vaccinations they need in order to stay healthy and help to finally end the pandemic.

Hochul reminds people they can get correct information about vaccines and the pandemic through the #GetTheVaxFacts dedicated website and downloadable tools.

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The Democrat calls the misinformation being fed to people, especially on social media, “dangerous” and some incidents are outright malicious.  Hochul says someone hacked and put out misinformation that looked like it came from the state falsely claiming people would be required to get vaccinated in order to get a driver’s license, which caused a lot of people to get unnecessarily upset.  There are also lies being spread about pregnancy, fertility and general side effects and safety.

The Governor urges people to check and double-check their sources and get all the information before they react.

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