When it comes to summer food, one of my favorites is a barbecued chicken dinner. I love the smell of marinated chicken roasting on an outdoor grill.

When it comes to fundraisers, I always try and seek out the chicken barbecue fundraisers. First of all because the chicken is awesome, and also because it helps to support great causes. A lot of the fire departments, churches, and nonprofit organizations in the Binghamton area, will hold chicken barbecue fundraisers at some point throughout the summer.

Whether they cook them themselves, or they hire a chicken barbecue place like Brooks, Phil's Chicken House, or Shelleys in Endicott, there's nothing better than eating great food while helping a great cause.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak this year, I know a lot of the chicken barbecues for fire stations as well as nonprofit organizations have been canceled. I've been hankering for a chicken barbecue dinner since fall of last year.

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Smarty's Corner is within walking distance of my house. Not only is it an ice cream shop, but the owner Marty cooks chicken on an outdoor pit Tuesday through Sunday. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Smarty's did not open their business until this past Saturday.

Every time I drove by there, every day on my way home from work, I would look to see if he was outside cooking chicken. So when he finally opened up this weekend, I had to go get my fix. So on Sunday Chris and I invited Ian and his father over for chicken dinners from Smarty's.

The food was awesome, and now it feels like summer is finally here.

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