Last night I was driving down RT 17 between Owego and Apalachin and a tractor-trailer up ahead drifted off to the shoulder of the road. Once he hit the rumble strips, he got back in his lane and no damage was done. As I was getting closer, the truck came over the center of the road into my lane for a second, then the driver straightened his big rig out again in his proper lane. You see this from time to time if you drive the highways enough. I know my first thought is that they might be falling asleep. But these guys are pros and they do this for a living and they are more than likely just reaching for something inside the cab while nothing is on either side of them so if they do drift, they will be fine.

Well, this morning I found this story of a truck driver that drove non-stop across the country. He drove 3,000 miles without sleep. But, he stayed awake by doing a bunch of meth, cocaine and even so LSD.

The Boston Herald reported that cops were summoned to a gas station that the driver stopped at after he dropped off his delivery. Cops were tipped off by a witness who saw the driver trying to insert his credit card in the truck's gas tank. He also locked himself out of Rig and was trying to climb in a window.

He's now facing a bunch of charges and the road is a little safer today because his license has been revoked.


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