The original lineup of Nine Inch Nails staged a surprise reunion partway through the band’s show in Ohio last night (Sept. 24).

Mainman Trent Reznor was joined by Richard Patrick, Chris Vrenna, Danny Lohner and Charlie Clouser. They performed alongside the current members and remained on stage for the last six songs of the set. Prior to the show-closing “Head Like a Hole," Patrick took center stage for a rendition of his 1995 Filter hit "Hey Man Nice Shot."

In the fan-shot video below, the NIN alumni can be seen appearing one by one during the intro section of “Eraser," greeted with explosive reactions as the audience in the Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, realize what they’re witnessing.

The surprise development followed the former members’ appearance at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame’s Nine Inch Nails Fan Day in nearby Cleveland the previous day. Patrick – whose split with Reznor in the ‘90s had been acrimonious – posted a picture of the gathering on social media.

Speaking at the event (video below), Reznor admitted he’d felt “cynical” about the band’s Rock Hall induction in 2020. “I hesitate to look back,” he added. “It’s not just me and it never has been just me.” His aim had been to gather all the former members to celebrate a “great job,” but “COVID had other plans for us.” He continued: “We’ve been friendly throughout the years and I thought it would be nice to have everyone come up and just acknowledge it, feel okay about it.” He joked that his good feeling would last “until about 5 p.m.”

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