If you had told me in the 1980s, that 40 years from now, indoor malls around the country would be struggling to keep tenants, I'd probably think you had a loose screw. Indoor malls were the future. Downtown areas, and to a point, strip malls were seeing tenants flee to the climate controlled indoor mall.

Well, no one could have known anything about the development of the internet and eventually online shopping which would put the hurt on traditional stores. But here we are.

Some malls have closed up shop, some are struggling, but some have re-invented themselves and are surviving just fine. While I admit, I do purchase some products online, I prefer to visit a store to shop.

Our mall has seen it's share of store closings, but it's also opened itself up to non-conventional mall businesses occupying retail space including Xcite Wrestling, the Broome Auto Mall, The Beer Tree and The Broome Employment Office.

The Oakdale Mall website also lists a 'Blondies' coming to the former Arby's space. I think it's great that our mall is thinking out of the box attracting different types of businesses along with traditional stores.

I was thinking about some non-traditional business that might work in our mall. Here's are my ideas, that may or may not work.

Store Options For A Mall

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