Have you ever been approached by a family member or friend who lives in another state and is planning on moving to New York State, asking what to expect becoming a New Yorker?

Sure, we pick on our home state about several issues like the weather, taxes, government, etc. But there are many great things to living and working in the State of New York.

I have friends who live in New York City who want out and others who wouldn't leave for any other place in the world. Same with those of us who live above Westchester County. Personally, I prefer to live in the Southern Tier than any other part of New York State.

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After the pandemic, many people turned to work remotely, and many continue to do so. And that means they can basically live anywhere in the country they want as long as there's a good strong internet connection, and most areas in New York State have just that, with a few exceptions.

So, for anyone considering moving to New York State and wanting to be a real New Yorker, I have some suggestions for you to make. And for those of you who come from year-round warm weather states, I suggest you invest in a heavy coat, gloves, boots scarf, and earmuffs as soon as possible.

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