New York State’s presidential primary is back on and will be held on June 23.

The State Board of Elections canceled the vote last month out of safety concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Federal Judge Analisa Torres ruled May 5 there is enough time before June 23  to figure out how to carry out the primary safely.  She ruled canceling it would be unconstitutional.

The Board of Elections said, with Joe Biden the only candidate remaining in the race for the Democratic nomination and the safety concerns rising from the coronavirus pandemic, the presidential primary should be called off.

Supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders and businessman Andrew Yang had wanted the primary to happen as both candidates' names were still on the ballot with the potential of gaining delegates to the Democratic National Convention.  Those delegates could have influence when the party set its campaign platform.

While the presidential vote had been called off, New York was still planning to hold its congressional and state-level primaries on June 23.

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