Have you ever experienced an earthquake? I have not. I think I'd like to know what it feels like as long as it's not one that inflicts any damage. You know, just a whole lotta shakin' goin' on. Sounds like a song title in there, right?

This morning around 6:43 a.m., South Glens Falls located in the Capital Region of New York experienced an earthquake. According to USGS.gov, it registered as a 3.1 magnitude quake. On the Richter Scale, that is considered minor. Basically a lot shaking with little to no damage.

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It's interesting to note from the USGS.gov site, that as of 12 Noon on Wednesday March 11th, 2020,  37 earthquakes had been detected around the world. That's just one half of the day. The site lists an average of about 50 quakes per day, which comes to over 18,000 a year. Planet Earth sure does a lot of shaking every year.

The largest earthquakes that have occured today as of 12 Noon eastern time, include a 5.3 in Papua, New Guinea, 4.6 in Calama, Chile, 4.5 near Playa Vicente, Mexico, a 5.3 in L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand, and a 5.0 near Langsa, Indonesia.

via USGS.gov

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