Distracted driving is a huge problem. There are many things that can distract you while you are driving. Even simple things like trying to read a street sign or trying to figure out what kind of bird that is flying around in the sky. That's what happened to me the other day on the way home from work.

Tuesday, I left the radio station here in downtown Binghamton and was heading down Main Street towards my house in Endicott. I was in Johnson City driving by the NY-Penn Trade Center, (do they still call it that?) and I saw a huge bird circling in the sky. I looked at the road in front of me and there were no cars in my lane in front of me. I looked at the light and it was still green, so I looked back up to see what kind of bird it was. I thought it was an Eagle because of its size and I thought I saw a white tail. I was right, it was an eagle. I watched it circle around and thought how beautiful those birds are. Just then I look back at the light and it had turned red. I had to hit my brakes pretty hard to keep from going into the intersection. There was a man in a car that slowly started pulling out from the ramp coming off 201. He was making a left hand turn to head down towards Home Depot. He was looking at me like; you are going to stop, right? I came to a complete stop before I went into the intersection. If something had happened, the accident report would have said that I was distracted while driving.

Then, this morning, I saw a report in The Daily Mail that said the average person takes their eyes off the road for more than two miles during an hour of driving. That's pretty scary.

[Photo used by permission from Free Falling Photography]

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