For the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19 in New York State, the number of people who have died in a single day has fallen into the teens.  Governor Andrew Cuomo June 17 announced 17 deaths and hospitalizations down to around 1,400. 


Ironically, while New York at the outbreak of the pandemic was being looked at suspiciously by the rest of the country with some states banning New Yorkers from visiting, Governor Cuomo says New York is now eyeing the skyrocketing number of cases in other states like Arizona.  One of the states that required anyone from New York to immediately go into a two-week quarantine was Florida, which is now near the top of the list for coronavirus infections and COVID-19 hospitalizations.

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Cuomo says now New York is concerned about people from other states like Florida getting onto planes, coming to the Empire State and possibly infecting more people.

Now that the numbers of infections and hospitalizations have dropped to levels even below those reported in the first news conference held by the Governor in early March, the Democrat says his daily briefings, that continued uninterrupted for over 100 days, through weekends and holidays, will come to an end June 19.

Those daily sessions aired statewide and even carried by some national and international broadcast organizations have garnered a huge audience and resulted in numerous comments and sketches on comedy shows and offers of dates for New York’s bachelor Governor.


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