We all know the value of a good nights sleep, so it goes without saying that the most important item in your bedroom is your mattress.

No matter what your current relationship status, we all need a good night's sleep, right?

I recently had to shop around for a mattress and box spring set for our spare room. Keeping in mind, this is not something we’ll be sleeping on, (unless my wife gets mad at me), we agreed that a middle of the road set would work just fine.

I did some research on how often people replace their old mattress set, and it turns out very few people are in a hurry to replace them. This is mainly because they’re expensive, and some even distrust the people selling them.

So how long do you go before you replace your mattress? Seems there is a discrepancy, five years? Ten? Until is smells like 10 day funk?

Over half the people in a recent Consumer Reports survey said they would replace their mattress when it loses it's firmness.

  • 41% would buy a mattress from the same manufacturer
  • 16% said they would replace it when they start having back pain issues.
  • One tenth says they will never replace their mattress, and a smaller percentage will
  • replace it when it starts to smell.

Here are few things that may help preserve the life of your mattress:

  • Purchasing a mattress cover
  • Wash your linens on a regular basis

If you’re going to buy a new mattress set, shop around and do some research, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars.

Sleep tight, Binghamton! Oh yeah, and if the bedbugs bite, it's time for a new mattress.

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