Just like, say, rust, Neil Young appears to never sleep. After releasing two albums last year -- the very lo-fi 'A Letter Home' and the orchestral and big-band-aided 'Storytone' -- the busy singer-songwriter is hard at work on a new album.

Rolling Stone reports that Young is recording an album with Willie Nelson's sons Lukas and Micah. Young jokingly said that he's calling it 'The Monsanto Years,' a reference to the agriculture corporation (and enemy of environmentalists everywhere) that Young has protested against in the past. "It's an upbeat review of the situation," he said.

Young has been busy this past week at the CES electronics and technology show in Las Vegas, where he's been promoting his Pono hi-def audio player that's been in the works for more than two years now. It will finally be available to the public on Monday.

Pono seems to be his priority now, as he told Rolling Stone. "I don't know much about the future," he said. "I want to [focus on Pono] and I want to continue playing music. Those two things should keep me pretty busy. I have some film editing and things to do on the side. I'll probably be writing some more books. I want to keep doing what I do. I'd like to continue doing it for a long time."

Young played with Lukas and Micah Nelson at Farm Aid last year, but this is the first time he's mentioned that he's recording with them. Then again, Young is known for surprises like this. The bare-boned 'A Letter Home' was made in Jack White's old-school recording booth in Nashville last year and was released with almost zero notice. It basically just showed up for sale one day. So don't be surprised if this new album reaches your ears before you're done reading this.

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