I remember when I was a kid people would tell us to let our parents go through our candy before we ate it after trick-or-treating because there are sick bastards out there in the world. It turns out that was a great piece of advice. Two separate people reported finding needles in Twizzlers candies in Vernon New York after their kids went trick-or-treating. According to CNY Central's website, both needles were found before children consumed the candy. The scary part is, this is one of the candies that we gave away at our house. Police are continuing their investigation but if you know anyone who has children in Vernon New York you might want to share this blog with them so their kids will be safe.

I remember my father would look through every piece of candy we brought home before he would let us eat it. I'll be honest, I would dip into the candy sometimes while we were still out trick-or-treating. Thank god I never bit into anything with a razor blade, a needle or glass in it. Why do people have to be such a-holes?


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