The holidays are coming. How cool would it be to win some extra cash? You can buy more gifts for everyone on your list, or just buy yourself a nice big present. I think if I won $5,000 at this point, I would pick two weeks in the middle of February and go somewhere warm. Maybe two different places with sunshine and warm temperatures just to get a break from the Binghamton winter. Maybe I would spend a week in Florida somewhere and then head off to the Virgin Islands. Or maybe just go to Hawaii for 10 days or so.

What will you do if you win $5,000? Be listening each week day for our cash code. It's your chance to win up to five grand. I have the first word for you each weekday at 7:10, Pam has your second word at 12:10, and Don has your third word as you're heading home at 4:10. When you get the code word, log onto our website and enter it to win. You can also enter it through our new phone app which is free to download. Hit up your app store and download it now if you haven't yet. Good Luck!

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