I spend a lot of time in Pennsylvania even though I live in New York. The reason is that my travel trailer is located at a campground in the beautiful Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania.

It's funny because before I dived into the world of becoming a seasonal camper, my long weekends and vacations took me through Pennsylvania to another great location like the mountains of Virginia or the shores of Delaware and Maryland.

Basically, my thought was, how fast can I get through Pennsylvania to get to my destination. It's a long trip to get through the state on Route 81 or the turnpike, and when the signs of Maryland appeared on the highway, I rejoiced. Goodbye PA!

Well, I have since seen the error of my thinking, and am now in love with the rural settings of Pennsylvania. And it's not just because of the scenery and what the state offers. It's also the people.

Many people had been displaced or had damage around their homes and business in the northern part of Bradford County earlier last week as you know (in addition to areas in Broome and Tioga county also.)

As I traveled down the rural roads to my campground this past weekend, I witnessed neighbors, friend, and family helping those who were hit by those raging waters. There were even 'help your neighbor days' set up where more than just neighbors came with whatever they had to help those in need, clean out the debris and put their homes back in order.

I am so impressed at how everyone pitches in to help someone as I noticed last weekend. I'm sure many of those volunteers didn't even know those affected by the flood, and that's what it's all about. I wish a speedy recovery to all who were affected by the flood and thanks to all who gave up their time to help those in need. Pennsylvania is full of great people.

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