The National Toy Hall of fame has announced its 2020 Inductees chosen out of 12 finalists, here are the winners.

According to a press release from the Rochester based National Toy Hall of Fame three of the twelve nominees were officially announced as this year’s inductees.

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The three new entrees are Baby Nancy, Sidewalk Chalk, and Jenga.

Baby Nancy: Baby Nancy was introduced in 1968 during the civil rights era by Shindana Toys, it was focused on black pride, talent and black enterprise, Baby Nancy was the best selling Black doll in many area’s of the country by the holiday season, baby Nancy was also given a baby doll Afro in 1969 making her the first with authentic black hair


Sidewalk Chalk: Chalk has been around for ages and the majority of people living today had at one time of another drawing on the sidewalk, or on the chalkboard. The early chalk was made out of gypsum which is a form of calcium sulfate. Many children used it to play the game hopscotch in which they would draw shapes on the sidewalk and jump in different regions. I remember playing Tic Tac Toe with chalk.


Jenga: Jenga was created from a childhood game by Leslie Scott , an Englishwoman who lived in Africa as a child, the word Jenga is taken from a Swahili verb, which means “To Build” Jenga pits players against each other ,to try and remove one block at a time from a tower of blocks, without allowing the tower to collapse. Jenga is a basic game that doesn’t require a great deal of skill and can be played by anyone.



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