Heart's Nancy Wilson has a little time off from the band this year — and she's using to start up a new project, Roadcase Royale.

The group finds Wilson and a trio of Heart vets — keyboardist Chris Joyner, bassist Dan Rothchild and drummer Ben Smith — working alongside former Prince vocalist Liv Warfield and lead guitarist Ryan Waters to produce what a press release promises is "muscular rock with some R&B/Blues and in depth ballads thrown in."

Stressing that Roadcase Royale isn't meant to replace Heart, Wilson has shared her excitement for the new band, saying she's looking forward to seeing their logo on their own road equipment and sharing the thought process behind the name.

"When I came up with the name Roadcase Royale, it was an interesting symbol to me," said Wilson. "The big heavy-duty road cases that our amps, drums, and guitars travel in are much like the musicians they accompany on the road — strong and regal looking, yet all scuffed up and dented, covered in funny stickers that tell the story of a crazy traveling circus."

Roadcase Royale's debut single, "Get Loud," leads off a promised EP's worth of new material that's set to arrive in conjunction with tour dates. You can stream "Get Loud" below, and check out its official debut during Concert For America: Stand Up, Sing Out!, scheduled to take place today at 3PM ET.

Access more information about the show — and access the livestream of the concert — at the Concert for America website.

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