Motorists and pedestrians have been asking questions about an above-ground pipeline that was assembled near the En-Joie Golf Club on Route 17C in West Endicott.

A minivan crossed over a metal plate at a West Endicott intersection. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

The pipeline suddenly appeared on West Main Street and South Grippen Avenue late Monday.

Endicott officials say the sections of 12-inch galvanized pipe were trucked in after a pump failed over the weekend.

Philip Grayson, the chief operator for Endicott's wastewater plant, said a temporary pump has been set up on South Grippen Avenue. The temporary pipeline runs from the pump station and carries water to West Main Street to a sewer opening in front of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church.

Grayson said one of the regular pumps at the pump station remains operational. The pump that failed could cost about $75,000 to replace.

With more heavy rain in the weather forecast Grayson said he expects the temporary pipeline will remain in place until the end of the week.

Vehicles can cross South Grippen Avenue at Paden and Dickson streets by traveling slowly over slightly-elevated metal plates. The plates provide an opening in the temporary pipeline that's wide enough to accommodate one vehicle at a time.

Several parking spaces on the east side of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church are blocked by the temporary pipeline.

Grayson said driveways to a couple of homes are not accessible because of the line. He said he has spoken to the affected residents and they have been understanding of the situation.

A portable pump was set up on South Grippen Avenue in West Endicott. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

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