After one year into the Covid-19 pandemic, life continues to be thrown curves in so many different ways. For example, on Wednesday (March 10th) the Binghamton Devils versus Lehigh Valley Phantoms hockey game was called at the beginning of the second period due to Covid issues. Who would ever think something like that could happen?

On the upside, it's great to hear that positive cases and deaths due to the coronavirus are trending downward. Hopefully the safety precautions that have been put in place and adhered to by many over the past year have helped to fight the virus.

While none of us like having to wear a face mask, I have pretty much become used to it after a year of wearing one whenever I leave the house. Though I can't wait for the day when I can walk into a store without one. And a yar into this pandemic, I no longer see anyone in stores I visit, not wearing a face mask. Well, at least around the Binghamton area.

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I took a ride out of state recently, stopped into a rural convenience store to pick up a couple of items, and noticed I was the only one there wearing a mask. And no, the state was not Texas. I felt a bit uncomfortable being the only one among about a half dozen people or so waiting in line at the checkout counter. The sign on the entrance doors all state to wear a mask upon entering, but maybe that was just a suggestion.

There certainly is quite a divide on the subject, and I'm not about to debate wearing face masks, but I do remember how it felt over the several weeks I dealt with the coronavirus. It was not a fun time, and I'd like to not repeat it.

Hopefully this will all be behind us soon, burn our facemasks, and get back to some normalcy.

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