I know spring has just started and I don't want spring to pass by too quickly, but there are a lot of cool things coming our way in Binghamton this summer. You have the annual events such as Spiedie Fest the first weekend in August at Otsiningo Park. You have the Dick's Sporting Goods Open being held in August this year at En-Joie Golf Club. The week of the Dick's Sporting Goods Open is my favorite week of the summer every year hands down. They just announced last week that the Greater Binghamton Airshow will return this year, taking place June 23rd at the Greater Binghamton Airport. Not to mention all the church and town festivals, and block parties that take place just about every weekend. Towards the end of the summer, there will be the Broome County Fair and The annual Luma Festival taking place in Downtown Binghamton.

It's going to be a fun packed summer for me. At least, that's the plan.I would like to go to all the stuff I listed above. Besides all that, my stepson Ian graduates college in May. We already have our summer vacation planned for our timeshare in Myrtle Beach. My wife and I will be playing a lot of golf this year as well. She became a member at En-Joie and I bought a frequent players card that was left over from our online auction. Not to mention our golf league will be starting up soon at Conklin, and we already have plans to golf in a few tournaments this summer. We already have tickets to go to the Montrose Wine Festival and we are planning on going to the Finger Lakes wine festival this summer too.No to mention having tickets for some concerts already this year.

I'm going to be busy all summer, but it will be a good kind of busy. I better rest up this spring if I'm going to be doing all of the above this summer.

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