Some times the memories that pop up on Facebook remind you of good times from the past, and sometimes they remind you of sad times. One of my memories today on Facebook was when Chris and I went to Myrtle Beach two years ago.

We were there for a week and our friends John and Lori, who live just outside of Little Meadows Pa, flew down for three or four days. They flew out of Elmira and we picked them up at the Myrtle Beach Airport.

We all stayed at our timeshare which is pretty much across the street from Broadway at the Beach. We took them to some of our favorite restaurants including Dick's Last Resort where everybody ends up wearing paper hats with nasty sayings on them.  The food is good but the hats are what keep us coming back. See photos of our hats below.

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One day John and I went golfing while Chris and Lori went wine tasting. The four of us spent one day at the beach. John forgot to take his phone out of his swimming trunks and ran and drove in the ocean. About a half-hour later he was trying to figure out where his phone was, that's when we determined it was at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

We took them to one of the many million dollar mini golf courses and had a nice dinner together at Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse. John and Lori are the same friends that we went on the Alaskan cruise with this time last year. Chris and Lori have been good friends since high school.

When we were on the cruise with them last year, we were talking about doing another one in the future. Who knows, maybe next year we can vacation together again if Covid-19 is behind us at that point. For the time being, I'll just have to enjoy my Facebook memories.

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