Seems everything has its own day, and I'm not sure why, but who am I to question it?Today (June 5th) is National Moonshine Day. Is that legal?

National Day has a lot of interesting information and trivia that you may not know about moonshine. For example, did you know it has other names, like hillbilly pop and rotgut? Sounds about right to me.

I've tasted moonshine before. Of course it's the legal kind that really is not what true moonshine is. Although, there was a time I was sitting with a group of friends around a campfire, and one of them produced a mason jar of what was being touted as the real thing.

Apparently it was brewed somewhere in the south, and somehow one of my friends happened to obtain a few jars of this white lighting. I was skeptical. So when offered some, I bit. Big mistake. I had already had enjoyed a couple of beers, a strong margarita, and now, this so-called moonshine.

Well, I'm not sure what real moonshine is, but I think that was it. They told me the alcohol content, which I forget, but it was supposedly a lot, and it was the most intoxicating drink I've ever tasted. I only felt that bad once before in my life, and this second time will be the last. Too old for that crap.

And this moonshine comes in several different flavors. Going down, it was smooth. The reverse was not so pleasant. So, if you celebrate...legally...Happy National Moonshine Day.

via National Day Calendar

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