I remember back when VHS tapes became a thing. I was so excited about the concept of watching a movie or record a video in my home with a videotape player or recorder. But I was a bit torn between being a video tape player/recorder or buying a laser disc player.

The problem with a laser disc player was that you couldn't record a program like a video tape recorder machine could. So I purchased a Sony VCR around 1980. I record a lot of movies, TV sitcoms, and home videos from my camcorder for many years.

That is until the local cable company came up with their own built-in tuner and recorder combination. Any VCR machines I owned, are long gone. But I still have a ton of movies and home recordings on VHS tapes lying around in the basement, collecting dust.

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And you may have a lot of VHS tapes lying around as well. Maybe some that you never even opened up, with the shrink-wrap on them. Well, it's possible they could be worth some money.

According to the Heritage Auctions website, which recently held its first VHS auction in Dallas, Texas, an unopened shrink-wrapped copy of the 'Back To The Future' VHS tape from 1986 was sold for the high bid of  $75,000 dollars. That is a record amount for a VHS tape.

But, that's not all. Heritage Auctions reports that other VHS tape movies brought in some big bucks as well, including the Goonies movie at $50,000 dollars, Jaws at $32,500 dollars, and Ghostbusters winning bid at $32,500 dollars.

Heritage Auctions notes that the high bids and demand come from nostalgia and the fact that finding a mint condition VHS tape in original packaging and shrink wrapping is a rare thing. The auction sold 260 mint condition VHS tapes to bidders from around the world.

So, go check your basement, attic, or wherever you may have sorted away those long-forgotten VHS tapes, and who knows, you may find a never watched movie that could be worth a few bucks.

via Heritage Auctions

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