Mel Brooks is arguably the king of cult classics, having made a ton of movies in his heyday that are still just as funny now as they were in the ’70s and ’80s. And since the current climate in Hollywood is a combination of sequels, reboots, and nostalgia, it’s no wonder that at least one Brooks comedy is looking to get a sequel. Brooks recently revealed that he’s been chatting with MGM about the possibility of a sequel to his immortal Star Wars send-up Spaceballs.

In a ___ self-aware scene in the original 1987 movie, Bill Pullman’s Lone Starr asks the Yoda-ish character Yogurt if they’ll ever meet again. Yogurt responds, “Who knows? God willing, we’ll all meet again in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money.” Since then, Brooks and the cast have been hounded with questions about whether they’d ever considered turning this one-off joke into an actual movie. It’s even been in various stages of early development ever since 2015. Brooks recently did a Q&A after a screening of his monster movie classic Young Frankenstein (h/t Geeks of Doom), and he was asked about the possibility of a sequel yet again. His response?

MGM is slightly interested in doing it, because of Star Wars and Rogue One and Force Awakens and the new Star Wars explosion, so they think maybe. So we’re talking, who knows?

His response is, unsurprisingly, almost drowned out by cheers.

Considering the fact that Star Wars is just as big now, if not bigger, than it was when the original trilogy came out, Brooks might be onto something here. I’m sure there are enough jokes about the new movies, especially the prequels, that one could build a comedy script out of. Consider this: an entire musical number about Anakin’s hatred of sand.

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