Recently on Facebook, I saw someone pose the question - Who have you met that is or was famous? That's a good question, followed up by how was the experience.

Being that I have been in the radio entertainment business for over four decades (yep, I'm old) I have had the opportunity to meet many celebrities, all in the music field.

Thinking back to all the national celebrities I've met, it is a bit strange that I've never met someone who is a movie or TV celebrity, a national politician or someone who is not a part of the music world. Yes, some of the musicians I have met, had some TV or movie experience, like L.L. Cool J and Jon Bon Jovi, but that's about it.

My list includes a variety of pop and rock celebrities including Mick Jagger, James Brown, Eddie Money, Cher, Bon Jovi, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Tommy Shaw, Dee Snider, Little Steven, Charlie Daniels, Bruce Hornsby and most of the bands and artists who have performed at Spiediefest. There are others, but for some reason, I've forgotten. Must be they were not memorable.

Many of my meetings with famous musicians consisted of a handshake, a picture and then time to move on, but some were interviews in our studios. So, who in the celebrity world (outside of local celebrities) have you met, and how was your experience with them?

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