If someone asked me who my favorite celebrity is, I would have to think hard about that. In the music world, I really admire Robert Plant and Paul McCartney. As for sitcoms, I like Nick Offerman who played the character of Ron Swanson on the TC show Parks & Recreation, and Alan Alda who was Hawkeye on M*A*S*H. And movie stars I admire,  include John Wayne and Robert De Niro.

I've had the honor to meet many celebrities in my lifetime, most as a representative of The Whale. A few of the bigger celebrities I've met, include  Mick Jagger, James Brown, Cher, Jon Bon Jovi, and Don Felder. Of course, I've had the honor of meeting many of the rock bands we have had come to the Binghamton area for a concert, including Spiediefest.

But this isn't about who I've met, it's about who have you met? Last week, I asked a question on the Whale Facebook page 'Have you met a celebrity at a random place? And I received some interesting comments.

Wayne mentioned he met Eddie Van Halen in Los Angeles, along with Ted Lange, who played Issac the bartender on the TV show, 'Loveboat', plus Don Bexley, who played Bubba on the TV sitcom, 'Sanford & Son.' Blair mentions he ran into Al Pacino at the Peterson Auto Museum in Los Angeles.

Daniel says he once served Robert Newman, (Joshua Lewis from The Guiding Light) where he worked at a Starbucks in South Carolina.  Kevin was fortunate to run into Serj Tankien from 'System of a Down' in Chicago and added a picture as proof.

Steve ran into Will Smith at Orange County Choppers. That must have been really cool. Lisa says she waited on Huey Lewis and Alabama twice at a place she worked.

Keep them coming. Have you ever run into a celebrity? You know, it's something that you hadn't planned, but were in the right place at the right time?

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