This week sucks for sports fans. Baseball is in their all-star break with games resuming on Thursday, but besides the all-star game, what is there this week?

I guess if you are into tennis you can watch that. I'm sure there is soccer being played somewhere but I'm not into that either. I don't mind watching golf on TV but I can't sit there and watch it all day long unless the weather sucks and there is nothing else to do. This weekend there will be NASCAR and Indy racing, but I'm not into that either. I can't wait for fall.

Football and hockey are my favorite sports. I try and catch every NFL game and I'll watch any NHL game as long as it's a close game and the Flyers aren't playing. I also love going to the arena to watch A.H.L. Hockey, even though its going to be tough to root for the Devils being that I am a Philadelphia fan. But, I will root for our local team and hope they do well and make Binghamton proud.

It's already Wednesday so I guess we can just hang on a little longer and the weekend will be here before you know it. But I'm counting down the days until the N.F.L. Season opener and until the NHL returns to the ice in October.

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