The following post contains SPOILERS for the Loki finale.

Decades before Marvel made it commonplace for movies to include post-credits scenes, the James Bond franchise always ended with a little tease: “James Bond Will Return In...” and then the name of the next adventure. It was a way to keep the audience engaged and waiting for the inevitable sequel.

Marvel have borrowed from that structure since the beginning of its cinematic universe. They often place similar title cards (like “The Avengers Will Return”) at the end of their movies, sometimes even with the specific place you’ll see them next (like “Captain America Will Return in the Avengers”). Today, they used that kind of tease to announce that their just-ended Disney+ series Loki will return for a second season. Instead of a longer post-credits scene, the show’s season finale ended with a shot of Loki’s case file at the TVA, which then gets stamped “LOKI WILL RETURN IN SEASON 2.”


This is the first of Marvel’s Disney+ shows to get an official second season. (The company has strongly hinted WandaVision is done, and mostly played coy about a possible second season of The Falcon (or Captain Americaand The Winter Soldier, although there have been press reports that the studio is now developing a Captain America movie.) Of all the shows so far, Loki was the first to really need more episodes. Without spoiling too much, the finale didn’t resolve a lot of the show’s plotlines; rather it clarified exactly what was behind the Loki’s time-traveling shenanigans, and put the pieces in place for more stories.

Marvel hasn’t announced a return date for Loki yet. In the meantime, their next Disney+ series, What If...? begins on August 11.

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