All this week, I am blogging from our Food-A-Bago to raise food donations for Broome County CHOW to assist families in our community.

Day #2 -Tuesday November 6th.

The weather was a bit better than Monday.
The Sun was out, it continues to be cold with highs only in the upper 30s, but luckily we haven't used up the propane for warming up this Jim's RV!

We had several people stop by on Tuesday to drop off non-perishable food for CHOW, but there is still so much more room to fill with food in the RV, as you can see in the pictures.

By the way, if you live in the Whitney Point area, and won't be making a trip to Binghamton in the next few days, we have a solution.
We have dropped off a couple of CHOW food barrels at Greene's Ace Home Center on Main Street, Whitney Point,  to make it convenient for you to drop off any non-perishable food you can spare, even if it's only one item.

According to a recent newsletter from the Broome County Council of Churches, the need for assistance is great.
Feeding America statistics show that the need in our community is nearly 7 million pounds of food annually.
So that is why we ask for your help.

We have even encountered people each year who have said at one time, they used the services of CHOW, and were very grateful for the assistance, but now that their situation has improved, it's time to return the favor.

Stop by any day and drop of whatever non-perishable food you can, or even a grocery store gift card for CHOW.
We will be in the RV each day this week from 5am to at least 7pm, and we'll be there this Saturday and Sunday too.

A big thanks to Tall Pines Farm Stoves and Fireplaces, Greene's Ace Home Center, Jim's RV and Weis Food Markets.

We'll see you at the Food-A-Bago!


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