I will be blogging each day this week for the 99.1 The Whale Food-A-Bago, sponsored by Tall Pines Farm Stoves and Fireplaces in Kingsley, Pa from inside an RV from Jim’s RV in Nichols.
We are parked just outside the Weis Food Market on Upper Front Street, Binghamton each day through Monday November 12th.

Day One – Monday November 5th – 3pm.

I have arrived on this cold day, to a warm and toasty RV, along with Louie G from our sister station, WILD 104.

If my calculations are correct, this is our 13th or 14th year.
I forget.
It happens when you get old like me.

As you can see by the pictures, the RV is a bit empty, but this is just the first day, and we have a long way to go!

We need to fill this RV with non-perishable food for Broome County CHOW to assist families in the county for the holiday season.

We depend on you, your co-workers, family and friends to help with any donation of boxed, bagged, canned food items plus items in plastic containers, but we do ask you not bring glass containers because we tend to break those!

We’re here during the week from 5am to around 7pm, and we’ll be here Saturday and Sunday, finishing up 10am Monday November 12th.

So come out and visit anytime.
We need people to talk to, and bring a food item with you, even if it’s only one item.
We are appreciative of whatever you can donate.

If you can, get a food drive together with co-workers, family, friends, and you’ll find the power of many can result in a couple of boxes of food to donate, and you’ll feel good you helped families on Broome County!



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