Call me sheltered, but I can't say that I've ever seen a feature like this on a major grocery store's website.

There's not a Trader Joe's store location anywhere near the Binghamton area. If you've never been to a Trader Joe's store before, it's really cool. They have plenty of food and drinks from around the world at prices that aren't too bad.

If I really had to compare it to another store, I would call it a "less expensive Whole Foods", although I think the overall food at Trader Joe's is waaaaay better.

The downside is that they have not decided to set up any locations anywhere near the Southern Tier. Seriously, what gives?

If you want to try out Trader Joe's you would have to either go to Syracuse, New York City, the Philadelphia area, or Rochester. I don't want to make that drive.

Something that is cool though is that there is a section of the Trader Joe's website where you can actually request that the company set up a location near you. You can find it by clicking the button below:

We have lots of options for grocery shopping here, with WalMart, Target, Wegmans, Price Chopper, Aldi, and more. Who says more options are a bad thing though?

What if a Trader Joes set up where Macy's used to be in the Oakdale Mall?

How about adding a Trader Joe's to the long list of grocery stores on the Vestal Parkway?

What about putting one in a more sparse area that would be in need of another grocery store option, like Tioga and Chenango Counties?

I feel like if we got enough people to fill out a request, the powers that be at Trader Joe's would have to at least consider the Southern Tier?

Where would you like to see a Trader Joe's set up in our area? Let us know on our Facebook page.


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