We all have to start somewhere. And thanks to a little digging by Metallica's Lars Ulrich, we now know what the drummer looked like as a toddler.

Ulrich posted photos from his youth on his Instagram page on Sunday (Dec. 20). The shots came from passport photos taken in February 1965 when he was just 14 months old.

"Was looking thru an old scrap book... Passport photos Feb 65," stated the drummer adding the hashtag #wanna.

Ulrich was born on Dec. 26, 1963. His father and grandfather were both pro tennis players and Ulrich also played tennis in his youth and moved to the U.S. at age 16 to train for a pro tennis career. But as has been well documented, Ulrich started playing drums as well and soon music became his passion. Placing an ad in The Recycler, Ulrich eventually met James Hetfield, leading to the start of Metallica. In 2009, Metallica were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Though he moved to the U.S., Ulrich continued to be admired for his work in his homeland. In 2017, he was knighted in Denmark. He was bestowed the Knight's Cross of the Order of the Dannebrog.

As a member of Metallica, he's appeared on all 10 of the band's studio albums.

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