Kyle decided before he left for Iraq in December of 2006, that he would keep a journal of everything that was going on. That didn’t happen, as he was OBA (Overcome By Activity). However, he did manage to keep it up all throughout, here and there, whether he wrote something every other day or once a month. His journal was for his time there, events, work, emotions, everything; in order to share it for future generations to come, and now for you, our loyal listeners:

Entry #3 of 17

15 Dec 06

Pretty much been training most of the time. Working a weird schedule, so I don't have to be in until 5:00PM today. That's 18 hours off... leaving me with 10 hours of nothing to do. Last night there was a bunch of stuff going on as far as shooting/bombs/helicopters. Found out that the big chunks of ground outside of my hut are from mortars. That really put my mind at ease. "


Kyle Mills In Iraq
From Kyle, today:

The first few days at the big base in Balad, Iraq  were mainly just processing, and training on how to run the intelligence operations from an FOB (Forward Operating Base). I wasn't told yet at this point which base they're sending me to, but I found out pretty quickly - and it was considered the "most dangerous city in Iraq" for that time in late 2006. That was neat to hear. What I should've done, was catch up on my sleep, and bank it for the following months. I won't be getting much sleep for the rest of the deployment! “

This is the third of a 17-part series, that will cover my entire journal, from my deployment to Iraq from December 2006 – July 2007. Check in next week for the next installment – things will escalate quickly!

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