Don't count on seeing Kiss at President-elect Donald Trump's inaugural celebration next month — although it sounds like they could have played it if they'd wanted to.

TMZ's cameras recently caught co-founder Gene Simmons leaving Catch, a rooftop restaurant in West Hollywood, and as you can see in the video above, they took the opportunity to ask the Kiss co-founder whether the band would be performing at Trump's inauguration. Never at a loss for words regardless of the subject, Simmons appeared poised to respond — but his wife Shannon Tweed and their daughter Sophie answered the question for him.

According to Tweed, the Trump transition team reached out to the band about performing, but they "politely declined" — and judging from the way she and Sophie reacted to the prospect of playing the inauguration, it would seem they very much support keeping Kiss out of D.C. on Inauguration Day. Simmons, for his part, appeared bemused by the whole thing, even letting Tweed smush his lips shut when he tried offering a few words on the subject.

Ultimately telling TMZ that he thinks people need to "get over it" and move on now that the election is over, Simmons stayed mute regarding whether he was interested in playing the inauguration — although he made it sound like it was all a moot point anyway, saying the group would be touring in Europe on Jan. 20.

And... here's an update, straight from Paul Stanley:

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