Paul Stanley recalled the fitness regime Kiss endured while preparing their 1996 return to makeup and costumes, saying some members took a “beating” in the process.

Stanley and Gene Simmons reunited with original guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss for a world tour that grossed nearly $44 million and had the highest average attendance of any of their outings.

“[B]efore we toured, I think we probably spent six or eight months with physical trainers, just to make sure that when we went back out we were what people remember,” Stanley told Rock Antenne in a recent interview, available below. “That was most important. You don't want to see a fat man in tights. If people wanted Kiss to return, we had to return in our glory, we had to return in full fitness.”

He continued: “And that, for some more than others, was a real challenge. But it was great; it was a great discipline. And I don't live that differently than that all the time. For some of the guys, it was a bit of a beating and a shock.”

Stanley confirmed that plans to record the last show of their final tour were in place, although he wasn’t sure if they’d call the resulting release Alive 5. Asked once again about the prospect of Frehley and Criss returning for the last performance, he responded: “[W]hile I will say that Kiss wouldn't have existed without Ace and Peter in the beginning, I can also say that Kiss wouldn't exist with Ace and Peter in the band today.” He added, “I have no feelings of wanting to omit them, or not have them be a part of it. But I’m not losing sleep over it. And if it's meant to be, it will happen.”

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